Leadership 101 (Curricula)

Our country needs strong and courageous men and women who can lead by great example. Students can grow in leadership skills with the proper instruction and practice. Student leadership programs in high schools, middle schools and youth groups are a great way to polish the skills needed become our country’s leaders of the future. This middle school and high school leadership training curricula includes fifteen, 45 minute lessons on: presentation skills, building trust, team-building skills, planning, creative thinking, confidence building, dealing with conflict, and listening.

Connect (Staff Training)

Connect is a dynamic, 2-day, skill-building process that helps staff connect with students and each other and rediscover their PASSION FOR TEACHING.

Objectives: Knowledge, Awareness and Skill-building strategies to:

  • •  Build trust and positive connections with students, colleagues and families;
  • •  Increase classroom consistency and decrease discipline issues;
  • •  Understand how the body and brain function in the learning process;
  • •  Identify the detrimental effects of chronic stress on behavior and the body; and
  • •  Utilize the tools to reduce stress.